It has recently been suggested to me that I am a “Polymath”.

This makes perfect sense, as I have always been tagged as the Techie; a useful trait in photography whether it be digital or film.

However, at the same time I now realise that I have always been creative, I can “see” the image in my head before I activate the shutter.

I had always thought that the right side of my brain has finally come out of the closet, but in reality it was always working in partnership with the left, although now it gets its own way more often.

So what is “FERGUSON” all about……….

Well as a seasoned, and by consensus of opinion “quirky” photographer, I needed a way of displaying the images that I was making for me, rather as part of a job.

I have recently moved back to my roots in the New Forest and now have the time to concentrate once again on Photograph, after taking a break. Increasingly I am turning the Camera around and starting to shoot with a focus on providing images for book covers.

I still have time though, to walk the Greyhound and to play in a Rock Covers Band!